Reciprocating Compressor Valves

Valve performance and reliability is key to compressor performance.

By paying careful attention to reliability in every aspect of the design, we’ve created a valve that can run more than 50 percent longer than other valves before needing service. We’ve proven it in thousands of hours of tests, many at high speeds and high temperatures, with a wide range of gases.

Our engineers select the most appropriate valve based on their extensive experience as well as tools such as our Dynamic Valve Analysis (DVA) program. Contact our experts to learn more about improving your reciprocating equipment.

Features Benefits
High-strength valve element Operates at high compressor speeds and pressure differentials
Common element for all valves Reduces parts inventory, increases interchangability / availability of replacement parts, and minimizes replacement costs
Advanced valve element geometry Reduces fatigue stresses for extended life
Precision-guided valve elements and springs Increases reliability of moving parts for long-term operation
Streamlined flow path with balanced seat, guard, and lift areas Increases flow area and is more tolerant of particulates and liquids in the gas
Custom valve selection using proprietary Dynamic Valve Analysis software Optimizes valve performance without effecting reliability

Magnum® Valves

Magnum Valves operate under nearly any condition (low or high-speed, pressure or temperature) and are compatible with any gas, including hydrogen, air, carbon dioxide, natural gas, ethylene, propane, ammonia, and chlorine.

  • Non-metallic valve element – Covers full spectrum of gas applications and absorbs high impact velocities
  • Contained centerbolt fastener – Meets API 618 requirements

MagnumXF® Valve

High reliability and high efficiency is now available in a poppet-style valve. Increased efficiency of a poppet-style valve for high-speed and / or high molecular weight applications – a direct replacement for plate valves in high-speed compressors and enables lower BHP / MMSCFD. The MagnumXF valve delivers the reliability of the standard Magnum valve, combined with increased effective flow area (EFA) and with lower horsepower consumption that’s comparable to plate valves.

  • Specifically designed for high-speed and / or high molecular weight applications
  • Suitable for all brands of reciprocating compressors
  • Optimized element spacing – up to 46 percent more guard flow area
  • Lower valve losses – improved efficiency

Magnum® HammerHead Valve

Unlike other poppet valves, the HammerHead valve can be applied at high compressor speeds. Unlike plate and ring valves, the HammerHead valve uses one element for all valve sizes which simplifies inventory management.

The HammerHead valve’s unique element design minimizes tensile stresses. The result is long life in some of the most demanding applications.

  • Specifically designed for both low and high compressor speeds
  • Designed for high molecular weight applications such as carbon dioxide, ethylene, propane, and natural gas
  • Suitable for all brands of reciprocating compressors

PF Valves

The PF valve is applied to reciprocating compressors, operating at all speeds, both lube and non-lube. It is compatible with virtually any gas and any style unloader. The PF valve is installed in Dresser-Rand and non-Dresser-Rand equipment, both existing (as an upgrade) and new. This design is also used in Dresser-Rand’s revolutionary VIP® compressor.

  • Patented scalloped valve plate design
  • High flow at lower lifts
  • Hi-Temp® PEEK valve plate