Single Shaft Compressors

From standard processes to high-pressure applications our single shaft compressors are the ideal solution for a large number of applications. The reliable, but flexible design allows an easy adaptation specific process applications and requirements. All single-shaft compressors are designed according to API 617.

DATUM® Centrifugal Compressors

The DATUM® line of centrifugal compressors was designed for maximum performance in all pressure and flow applications.

Siemens STC-SH Compressor Series

Siemens single-shaft centrifugal compressors with horizontally split casings in the STC-SH series can be used for the majority of process applications.

Siemens STC-SV Compressor Series

The Siemens STC-SV vertically split, centrifugal compressor series is suitable for all types of industries, especially on- and offshore oil and gas applications.