Centrifugal Compressor Upgrades

Dresser-Rand offers state-of-the-art components and processes that help minimize maintenance costs and maximize efficiency and availability.

We have extensive experience in upgrading and retrofitting compressors and ancillary equipment for Dresser-Rand, Clark, Dresser-Clark, and Ingersoll Rand® nameplates.

We offer the following to be implemented during scheduled maintenance —

  • Dry couplings upgrade
  • Abradable seals
  • Labyrinth sealing upgrade
  • Hole pattern damper seal
  • Swirl brakes
  • Hydraulic thrust disc upgrade
  • Oil sealing gland upgrade
  • Tilting pad thrust bearings upgrade
  • Ball and socket tilt pad bearings
  • Squeezed film damper tilt pad bearing
  • Dry gas shaft seals upgrade
  • Z-ring oil film seal upgrade
  • Contact oil seal
  • Carbon ring seal upgrade
  • Tilt pad seal
  • Windback seals
  • Division wall upgrade (radially-split compressors only)
  • Superbolt (axially-split compressors only)
  • Oil mist eliminator upgrade
  • Welded impeller design
  • EBraze weld process