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It’s all in how you set your sails

MURAT ASLANDAG When asked about his favorite quote, as an avid sailor Murat didn’t hesitate. “You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can set your sails right.” And he was quick to explain. “There will always be obstacles, but if you reset your sails you can set your direction and you’ll get […]

Mega-test center

The mega-test center in Duisburg can test compressor trains weighing up to 700 tons and can accommodate up to six compressor trains at once. Capable of full-load, closed-loop compressor string tests to 100 MW, the 591-foot-long (180-meter-long), 131-foot-wide (40-meter-wide) and 115-foot-high (35-meter-high) test center strengthened the company’s position as a leader in the oil and […]

World’s largest geared compressor rotor manufactured in Duisburg

Siemens manufactured and tested the world’s largest geared compressor rotor at its Duisburg, Germany facility. With a diameter of 1.8 meters (5.9 feet), the first-stage impeller is the largest installed on an integral-geared compressor rotor. The impeller was balanced in Duisburg at a speed of 3,970 revolutions per minute. At its average operating speed, the […]

Three Named Engineering Fellows

The Dresser-Rand business, part of Siemens Power and Gas Division, recently inducted three distinguished employees into the Engineering Fellowship Program for 2015: Ralf H. Bode; James M. Sorokes; and George C. Talabisco. The Global Engineering Fellowship Program was established in 2012 to enhance Dresser-Rand’s focus as a technology company and to recognize, reward and retain […]

Nachwuchskreis Duisburg / Essen promotes career development

Career development programs are widely acknowledged as an important tool in today’s competitive business environment. Not only do these programs boost company growth and increase employee productivity, but they create an enthusiasm that powers retention. Studies show that employees who participate in career development programs tend to be more productive and customer-directed, and less likely […]

Western New York employees “Adopt a Highway”

Across the U.S., thousands of groups and organizations commit to keeping America beautiful by adopting portions of highway and pledging to keep them clean. This year, a team of 11 Olean Operations-based employees adopted a one-mile stretch of Interstate Route 86 as part of the ISO 14001 and OHSAS initiatives. On Earth Day (April 22, […]

Duisburg, Germany: where the Ruhr meets the Rhine

Editor’s Note: Over the years, Siemens has acquired several well-known suppliers in the compressor segment, including Mannesmann Demag, Demag Delaval, Delaval-Stork, Delaval, Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch (KK&K), PGW Turbo, and most recently, Dresser-Rand. Today, the Duisburg, Germany site is a major operation within the Dresser-Rand business, part of Siemens Power and Gas Division. Chimneys, industrial […]

Cyclists raise money to help MS

The BP MS 150 bike ride organized by the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society is the largest event of its kind. It attracts approximately 13,000 cyclists, 3,500 volunteers and countless spectators. Typically, the race begins in Houston and ends in Austin. Unfortunately, severe thunderstorms rolled through Texas during this year’s race weekend (April 16-17, 2016), […]

Technology should never replace the work and ingenuity of people

Editor’s Note: Karen Florschuetz, formerly of Siemens AG, Power and Gas, was named Vice President and General Manager, Americas Operations for the Dresser-Rand business in 2015. In this role, she manages operations in Olean and Painted Post, New York; Burlington, Iowa; and India. She is also responsible for the former Siemens compressor business operations in […]

Turbo bikers top 100,000 Euros for charities

Despite the dust, sweat and heat, the Siemens Turbo Bikers displayed nothing but sheer joy after collecting more than 17,000 euros ($18,097) for charity during this year’s event. This brought the team’s combined total collected for various children’s and youth charities to more than 100,000 euros ($106,453)! For the past seven years, the Turbo Bikers […]