Highest efficiencies for air separation and process industries

The STC-GV centrifugal compressor series has been meeting compression demands for more than 60 years. Scarce resources and stringent environmental regulations require efficient products to meet global demand for fuel and hydrocarbon products. It’s a given that compressor trains are at the core of almost any process operation. When selecting a compressor to produce, transport […]

Unique Compressor Design Allows Efficient Operation Over Wide Range

Compressor characteristics aligned with the client’s needs; emissions regulations addressed with electric motor driver. For 60 years, natural gas pipeline companies relied primarily on reciprocating compressors to move gas along the line. Most of this compression was in the form of integral gas engine compressors, which combined the power cylinders and the compressor cylinders on […]

Major Breakthrough Achieved in Compressor Technology

In a major advance in centrifugal compressor technology, Dresser-Rand has successfully engineered, manufactured and tested what are believed to be the world’s highest density centrifugal compressors for re-injection service. While the units will be used in the oil and gas upstream market, the technology is applicable to other market segments requiring the compression of carbon […]