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The fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us

Let me introduce this edition of insights magazine by first thanking Chris Rossi for his leadership of the Dresser-Rand business through its first year-and-a-half as part of Siemens. Chris’s 30-year career with Dresser-Rand was filled with insightful perspectives and most recently, an unwavering priority to guide us through an important transition period while we remained focused on our strategic priorities.

I look forward to working with our leadership team and all of our Siemens colleagues to steer the business successfully into the future in becoming the industry’s benchmark in quality, cost, cycle time, innovation, and responsiveness. To achieve this, we will continue setting clear goals that motivate, support and empower our employees to deliver products, solutions and services that help our clients achieve their missions and objectives.

As you read the articles in the latest edition of insights, you might agree that the global economy has entered the fourth Industrial Revolution. Smartphones and other “smart” devices have given way to smart factories where we’re using information and communication to digitize our processes. With this, we’re reaping enormous benefits that are improving quality, lowering costs and increasing efficiencies – both for our clients and us.

With our solid portfolio and your personal engagement and contributions, I look forward to your support in responding to today’s market challenges and client needs and working with our colleagues throughout Siemens in positioning and preparing for our future.


Judy Marks

CEO, Siemens USA
CEO, Dresser-Rand business

On the leading edge of advanced manufacturing

With the Industry 4.0 technology wave, we see a tremendous emphasis on digitalization, modularization and design automation. In Hengelo, we’ve made great strides in digitalizing high-speed balancing and other advanced manufacturing technologies.

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2 MW-class E-series gas engines

Based on the legacy Guascor® engine family and in-depth client research, Siemens new 2-MW power output E-series gas engines set a new benchmark for more efficient power generation, with an electrical efficiency exceeding 45 percent.

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Latest iteration of the Industrial RB211 gas turbine

The 38-MW SGT-A35 RB turbine introduces a compact, lightweight solution for challenging offshore applications, like FPSOs. With a power output of up to 38 MW, the SGT-A35 RB turbine offers best-in-class power density in an easy-to-maintain offshore package

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Supersonic compression represents game-changing technology

We’re excited to give you an update on our supersonic compression technology solution for both high- and low-molecular-weight compressor applications that uses aerodynamic principles common in flight and propulsion-based systems.

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