The History of Dresser-Rand

Dresser-Rand has a history of leadership from the very beginnings of the energy industry.

Dresser-Rand (or the “Company”) has roots that can be traced back to the 19th century. In the late 1800s, Solomon R. Dresser founded S.R. Dresser and Company in Bradford, Pennsylvania as a supplier to the growing oil industry in the area.  In the same year, Clark Brothers Company was founded in Belmont, New York as a manufacturer of sawmill and agricultural machinery, including steam engines.

The early 20th century saw many new companies emerge and existing companies expand to support the growing demand for energy. As a result of a merger, Ingersoll Rand was formed and began manufacturing compressors in Painted Post, New York. In the early 1900s, the Company received its first orders from the U.S. Navy for a new technology, vertical turbines to drive forced draft fans on destroyers.   Shortly thereafter, the Ingersoll Rand Painted Post facility supplied jackhammer drills and portable air compressors that were used in the construction of the Mount Rushmore national monument. Also in the 1900s, the manufacturing of steam turbines commenced in Wellsville, New York and one year later produced the first 250 hp turbine. By the 1930s, the Company was manufacturing a complete line of steam turbines.  Another major acquisition at that time transitioned the Company into a designer and manufacturer of engines and compressors for the area’s oil and gas industry.

The years following World War II to the 1970s marked a long period of economic growth, expansion into international markets, and product innovation. In the 1960s, mergers and purchases led to strong connections in the Navy and maritime markets that further expanded the Company’s product line. Another series of business transformations continued in the 1970s that expanded the Company’s product line in the process industry.  In the mid-1970s, the Company shipped the world’s largest centrifugal compressor, the Model 9B, which was capable of handling 360,000 cubic feet of air per minute.  The Company then accomplished another first, “the highest pressure test ever,” by testing a centrifugal compressor at 10,500 psi.

On January 1, 1987, Dresser Industries and Ingersoll Rand formed Dresser-Rand, a joint venture created to merge the worldwide compressor and turbo machinery products of both companies. In the period following the joint venture, many new initiatives were launched and significant investments were made to improve technology and manufacturing efficiency, productivity, and throughput.

Key Milestones in Dresser-Rand History


  • Total Quality Management initiated company-wide


  • World class manufacturing (WCM) initiative launched to improve tools and facilities


  • Dresser-Rand designs and supplies entire turbo machinery train and controls for the first compressed air energy storage (CAES) plant in North America


  • COPPUS Engineering Corporation acquired by Tuthill Corporation


  • Dresser-Rand’s valve-in-piston (VIP®) cylinder revolutionizes compressor cylinder design


  • Dresser-Rand introduces the DATUM® centrifugal compressor


  • First full-load, full-pressure performance test conducted on a DATUM-driven mixed refrigerant liquefied natural gas (LNG) compressor train


  • Tuthill Corporation acquires Nadrowski
  • Tuthill Energy Systems is created
  • Tyco International acquires Gimpel Corporation


  • Dresser Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Halliburton Company, sells its share of Dresser-Rand to Ingersoll Rand
  • Dresser-Rand’s BDC-OF18H3 compressor represents the world’s largest rod-load compressor to date


  • A 13,000 hp DATUM® P pipeline compressor with magnetic bearings goes online at the Station 322 Transmission Station of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (a subsidiary of El Paso Corporation) in Hawley, Pennsylvania, U.S.


  • First Reserve Corporation acquires Dresser-Rand from Ingersoll Rand


  • First Reserve Corporation takes Dresser-Rand public with an initial public offering (IPO) of common stock (NYSE: DRC)
  • Dresser-Rand acquires the COPPUS®, Murray, and Nadrowski steam turbine and portable ventilator brands from Tuthill Energy Systems
  • DATUM® C compressor introduced
  • Dresser-Rand completes full-load, full-pressure performance test on a Rolls-Royce TRENT 60 DLE gas turbine and a Dresser-Rand DATUM Model D14 centrifugal compressor for the Dolphin Export Pipeline between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates – represents the first time these units have been paired on a compression train


  • Dresser-Rand introduces the DATUM® Integrated Compression System (ICS)


  • Dresser-Rand purchases Gimpel® valve business from Tyco Flow Control
  • HOSS™ compressor introduced
  • Largest single-casing steam turbine manufactured
  • Dresser-Rand’s 50,000th reciprocating compressor manufactured 


  • Dresser-Rand acquires Arrow Industries and Enginuity LLC
  • Dresser-Rand opens test facility for very high-flow / high-horsepower applications in Le Havre, France
  • ICS test facility opened in Olean, New York, U.S.


  • Dresser-Rand acquires  Compressor Renewal Services, Ltd.
  • State-of-the-art, eco-friendly technology center opens in Olean, New York, U.S.
  •  Dresser-Rand enters into strategic procurement agreement with Saudi Aramco
  • Gas Engine Technology Center opens in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.
  • 700th DATUM compressor sold


  • Dresser-Rand acquires Leading Edge Turbine Technologies, Inc. and Turbo Machines Field Services
  • First DATUM ICS unit ships


  • Dresser-Rand invests in Echogen® Power Systems’ waste heat recovery technology
  • Grupo Guascor S.L. acquired


  • Synchrony, Inc. acquired
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) intellectual property acquired
  • 1,000th DATUM compressor sold


  • Dresser-Rand named one of America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today magazine
  • Dresser-Rand wins 2013 Southwest Oil & Gas Award
  • SMARTCAES™ technology introduced
  • Newest model of DATUM centrifugal compressors, the DATUM® I, is released
  • First small-scale LNG unit, known as an LNGo™ system, successfully produces LNG


  • Dresser-Rand receives 2014 Industry Leader Award for Safety Performance
  • Dresser-Rand wins the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Award for Health & Safety Excellence
  • Echogen waste heat recovery system tested and launched
  • Dresser-Rand signs agreement to sell business to Siemens


  • Dresser-Rand introduces Gimpel electro hydraulic trip throttle valve (EHTTV)
  • LNGo System named “New Technology Development of the Year” by the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards
  • Siemens acquires Dresser-Rand